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It’s never too late to improve your brain

That's the amazing and inspiring discovery by neuroscientists 

The respected magazine, Science Daily, reported on one example from hundreds of published studies validating options available to improve your brain. The report showed Fast ForWord was able to improve adults' attention and thinking skills, immediately after 8 weeks training, and also when measured 18 months later.


Which of these do you identify with (it may be more than one)?

  • Many adults struggle daily with their careers and personal lives due to poor reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities;
  • English is not your first language, and you'd like to be better;
  • Some adults find it a challenge to listen in noisy environments – it can be hard to follow conversations;
  • Some adults fear or are embarrassed to read aloud;
  • Did you lack interest in school and learning now seems like quite a challenge?
  • Have you been impacted by a stroke or a brain injury?
  • Have you a diagnosis of, or suspect dyslexia or auditory processing difficulties or attention difficulties?
  • Many of us want to keep improving our minds and maintain possibly the best defence against the fearful ravages of age that impact that mental exchange rate – “when I am old, I hope the kids can say that I am better than 90 cents in the dollar”.
  • Would you like to get your brain more powerfully activated for everyday at work?

If you identify with any of the above, our LearnFast specialists can help you choose from a variety of world leading “improve my brain” solutions.

Each is founded on neuroscience research and has a pedigree of results. Your brain is plastic, meaning it can improve at any age. We help you use this feature of your brain. All you need is the desire and access to an Internet connected computer/tablet, a headset and a subscription to a combination of these brain improvement programs:


Language & Cognitive Enhancement 

Fast ForWord Neuroscience Programs are like “Glasses for the ears” which improve how well you listen and learn. The exercises hardwire your brain to be more efficient at processing the 44 sounds of the English language. Fast ForWord uses patented algorithms that adapt to your every click, making the level of challenge best for you at that time. This produces an engaging experience and the intensity needed to create new connections in your brain. It improves the brain at any age. Learn more. 


Build English Fast

If English is not your first language, and you want to improve how you read, write and speak English, Build English Fast can help.

Research shows up to 2 years’ gain in reading and language skills from 3 months training.

Build English Fast’s unique 3-step process can help you get more from English Language lessons or classes. Learn more.


Reading Assistant Plus (RA+)

An online reading tutor using the best of voice recognition technology to privately coach your reading fluency and improve your ability to understand what you read. Become an impressive reader and lose the fear of reading out loud. Reading Assistant Plus (RA+) contains a broad range of books carefully chosen from contemporary, classic, and multicultural literature, with a variety of fiction, personal narratives, jokes, poetry, eyewitness accounts and journals, nonfiction and biographies. Learn more.

 “Fit Brains Learn Better”

"As an adult in my forties, Fast ForWord has been profound for my memory recall, reading comprehension and speed.
My competence in reading with less effort has increased my confidence, freeing up brain capacity to comprehend content
with less effort. This allows me to read for longer as well. Thank you".

Neuroscience-based programs produce lasting improvements because they change the physical structures of your brain.


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