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Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord’s language & cognitive enhancement programs accelerate learning, thinking and reading. They are based on over 30 years of neuroscience research and are used worldwide.


Adults use Fast ForWord to:

  • Speed up their thinking
  • Improve memory
  • Learn English as a Second Language
  • Make reading easier
  • Boost their writing skills
  • Perform better at work

Just as a body runs better and quicker when fit, brains learn better after consistent use with the Fast ForWord brain exercises. 


Online Exercises for High School and University Students & Adults

Fast ForWord Literacy
Helps build reading success, on foundation of better memory, attention, and thinking speed.
Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced
Improves overall literacy, including the ability to understand what is read and to write more proficient




It's easy to get started.

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Program Support

Our Help Centre support resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all our Fast ForWord home users.  Everything you need to know to get the best out of your Fast ForWord subscription is available on the Help Centre. You will find program manuals, score sheets and tips and suggestions on how to do the exercises.  There are short, easy-to-follow videos as well as printable materials. The site also includes frequently asked questions, technical and program support.

We provide support during your Fast ForWord home use subscription –

  • We receive your exercise data via our Progress Tracking System
  • Your scores appear at the end of each session. They allow you to track your performance in each exercise and complete a daily score sheet to keep you motivated

The value of this program and its scientific validity is based on consistent adherence to the recommended weekly participation. Without consistency, the brain cannot rewire and build the solid foundations it needs for learning.

Subscription Details

An initial Fast ForWord program subscription is for a period of 3 months. It starts on a date nominated by you (within a week of your purchase date).

Most people are able to complete Literacy & Literacy Advanced modules in 3 – 5 months (depending on length of the daily sessions). Many then choose to continue and complete a Reading module for further development of their skills.

Subscription Options

There are service levels to suit all needs. 

Fast ForWord Premium Plus $1,790

Fast ForWord Premium Plus is the subscription that provides the highest level of personal support.

You have a dedicated LearnFast program specialist who will support you throughout your subscription with weekly coaching sessions during business hours.

Fast ForWord Premium Plus is ideal if you would appreciate the highest level of personal support.

Fast ForWord Premium $1,199

Fast ForWord Premium is the most popular subscription.

It gives you access to the same exercises as the Classic or Premium Plus subscriptions. The program duration is 30 minutes per day. You have a 30 minute initial orientation session and 15 minute monthly coaching sessions with a LearnFast program specialist, so you get the most out of the exercises.

You also have access to the Help Centre which gives you 24/7 support via videos and Q&As.

Fast ForWord Classic $843

Fast ForWord Classic is the most economical way to improve your brain.

Classic gives you access to the same exercises as the Premium or Premium Plus subscriptions, and you have access to the Help Centre which gives you 24/7 support via videos and Q&As.

Your Questions Answered 

Who can Benefit from Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord benefits everyone, children and adults, because it improves their learning capacity.

Students Wanting to Achieve to their Potential
Anyone who wants to improve their academic performance will gain from the Fast ForWord exercises

Struggling Readers and Learners
Fast ForWord can be life changing for adults who struggle to learn and read.

Learning English as a Second Language
Fast ForWord accelerates English language acquisition for those learning English.

Recognised Diagnoses
Fast ForWord can assist those with diagnosed conditions such as Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Attention Problems and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

How Does Fast ForWord Get Brains Fit for Learning?

Fast ForWord simultaneously develops fundamental cognitive (thinking) skills and reading skills. Together, these skills improve learning and reading ability.

Fast ForWord is a suite of online programs that exercise brains, the way physical workouts train the body to be fitter and stronger.

Reading Skills

  • Phonemic (sound) awareness
  • Decoding (sounding out unfamiliar words)
  • Syntax (sentence structure)
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading fluency
  • Comprehension

Thinking Skills


Memory is essential for word recognition, comprehension of complex sentences, and remembering instructions. Fast ForWord enhances working memory, short and long-term memory.


Attention is essential to focus on information and tasks,and ignore distractions. Fast ForWord is designed to improve both attention and focus.

Processing Rate

Processing rate is the speed at which we can discriminate images and speech sounds and identify letter and word forms to create meaning. This is a prerequisite for phonemic awareness and reading. An adequate processing rate enables us to accurately perceive and manipulate information.

Fast ForWord increases the speed at which the brain processes information.


Sequencing is placing the detail of information in order (eg: days of the week). For reading, sequencing is the ability to determine the order of letters within words or words within sentences. This is a skill that relies on memory, attention and processing speed and is essential for phonics, word fluency, reading and oral comprehension.

Fast ForWord improves the recognition of the order of sounds, letters, and concepts.

People who do Fast ForWord exercises develop and strengthen these four fundamental cognitive skills.  When developed together, they improve learning and reading.

After participating in Fast ForWord you will be better able to follow instructions, concentrate and participate in discussions. You will improve your reading, spelling and comprehension and may even enjoy your work more.

Fast ForWord users report their self- confidence increases.

How Does Fast ForWord apply the Principles of Brain Science?

Brain science has determined the four basic principles that need to be applied for lasting learning to take place. Those principles are built into Fast ForWord:

  • Frequency and Intensity – Exercises done often and intensively accelerate learning
  • Adaptable to Individuals – Task difficulty needs to adapt to keep the learner challenged
  • Simultaneous Development – Cognitive and reading skills must be developed together
  • Timely Motivation – Learners must be motivated to purposely complete their exercises

Can I do Fast ForWord at home, or in my office at work?

Yes, Fast ForWord can be used at home or in any quiet place with an internet connection. Our specialist support and implementation team can quickly have you using the programs, even in the most remote parts of Australia or New Zealand. 

How long do I need to do Fast ForWord for?

You should do the Fast ForWord exercises five days per week until the exercises are completed. Best results are obtained when learners follow their recommended protocol of between 30mins to 50mins per day, five days per week until complete. 

Are there Results Published about the Benefits of Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is the most evaluated technology-based learning and reading program in the world. See some of the Studies and read about LearnFast clients’ experience with the Fast ForWord program.

Why is Fast ForWord Unique?

Fast ForWord works on improving the brain’s “hardware” so that the teaching and tuition can be better absorbed and retained. It is unlike any other learning program or educational software because it:

Adapts exactly to each user’s needs. Fast ForWord identifies your individual learning weaknesses by analysing your responses to the exercise tasks and continuously adjusts the degree of difficulty to keep you challenged.

Provides short concentrated training that produces enduring learning gains. Students and adults can make gains of up to 1 -2 years in reading competency and these gains are maintained without additional training.

Is based on proven neuroscience research and is continuously validated by on-going research. Fast ForWord was developed from fundamental research by some of the world’s most eminent neuroscientists. Continuous studies of its use make it the most researched program of its type in the world. It is validated by independent researchers and accepted by the scientific community.

Fast ForWord has been used by over 3 million students in over 40 countries since 1998.

Fast ForWord delivers much more intensive exercises. The patented Fast ForWord technology creates unique programs that rapidly impact a person’s ability to read and learn. In a 50-minute session, Fast ForWord participants are exposed to more carefully designed learning activities than participants in any comparable program.

Intensity Comparison Learning activities per 50-minute session

  • Fast ForWord Programs: approx. 625
  • Other computer-based reading intervention programs approx. 175
  • Print-based reading interventions: less than 175

Who Developed Fast ForWord?

A team of leading neuroscientists, educational psychologists and educators developed Fast ForWord in the late 1990s. Since then it has been continuously upgraded and improved based on extensive user experience data, and further advances in the understanding of brain science.

Does Fast ForWord Suit all Ages?

Fast ForWord works for children from six years of age through to adolescents and adults.

How do I Get Support?

Everything you will need to know to ensure you get the best out of your Fast ForWord subscription is on the 24/7 Support resources website. This includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Technical and Program Support. There are also short, easy-to-follow videos and printable materials to assist you.

When you purchase your Fast ForWord subscription, you have choices about what level of support you feel you need while working on the program.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Purchasing the Fast ForWord Program?

The Terms and Conditions for the Fast ForWord program can be viewed here.


It's easy to get started.

Visit our shop to purchase a Fast ForWord program subscription.

Further subscription details can be found below.