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Nervanix Insight

Like a FitBit for the Brain
Neurofeedback Attention Training Tool

How well you learn depends on how well you pay attention


Train your attention, so you become a more efficient and effective learner.

The new, innovative Nervanix Insight attention training tool leverages the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience. It enables you to easily monitor your attention levels.

When you use Nervanix Insight for reading or any other activity on your device, you:

  • Are notified “when” you “zone out” by your screen dimming
  • Are prompted to re-focus the moment you lose focus
  • Are trained to pay attention to brighten up your screen
  • Develop your attention skills by practice and training while you do your regular work (no separate exercises to take time away from your usual work or study).


See Dr. David Rabiner, a research professor at Duke University, explain how Nervanix Insight provides feedback on your attention level, and helps you stay focused while reading or engaged in other academically important tasks.

What is Nervanix Insight?


Nervanix Insight is a new innovative training and biofeedback tool that helps users stay more engaged by linking screen brightness to their attention level. The stronger one's attention, the brighter the screen. If you start to “zone out”, the screen dims and you must focus more to make the screen brighter. T

his tool helps you master your attentional skills and fosters mindfulness and metacognition, or the higher-order thinking that allows you to understand, analyze and build control over your learning processes.


How Does Nervanix Insight Work?

You use a simple lightweight wireless EEG (brain wave) headset and an android tablet, then open an E-reader app such as Kindle. Insight also works on Kindle devices which have Bluetooth (please check with us for list of Kindle devices with Bluetooth). As you read, Insight monitors EEG indicators of attention and provides feedback by adjusting the screen's brightness. When you are focused, the screen brightens.

When you lose focus and your mind wanders, the screen dims. You thus receive continual feedback on your attention level as you read or do other work by ongoing changes in screen brightness.

Sessions can be paused and resumed as needed and Nervanix Insight is easily used with any application you prefer. Thus, anything you use their tablet for becomes an opportunity to practice and develop attention skills.

At the end of each session, you see your average attention score and how your attention fluctuated over time. These results are plotted to track improvements in attention with continued training.

Three different training modes

  1. Feedback mode The screen brightness changes continuously in response to changes in the student’s attention. This provides the most intensive attention training.
  2. Alert mode The screen remains fully illuminated until the user's attention drops below a level set at the start of the session. When attention drops below this, the user is alerted by the screen dimming.
  3. Monitor mode Provides no feedback but simply monitors the user’s attention level and displays the results after the session. This helps track whether any gains that occurred during training are maintained.

Getting Started with Nervanix


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