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Attention Deficit Disorder


How much better would your child feel if they could focus and pay attention better? Your child could have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD) if they:

  • Find it hard to stay focussed
  • Have problems organising themselves (messy room?)
  • Often forget their belongings
  • Don’t remember instructions
  • Are impulsive
  • Can’t sit still for long
  • Find it hard to take their turn
  • Seem to daydream

Your child’s attention can be improved in just 3 – 4 months using the LearnFast programs.

Does your child have an attention Problem?

Some attention problems are very obvious. You can see from your child’s behaviours that they certainly struggle with attention. However, there are some children who might seem to be able to concentrate for long periods on things that interest them, but can still have ADHD.

For example, even if your child can focus for extended periods of time doing Lego or drawing, they may have difficulty sustaining attention in the classroom, and focussing on learning tasks. If this is your child, he or she could be categorised as having an attention difficulty.

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Two Types of Attention Disorder

There are two distinct types of Attention Deficit Disorder. In both the main symptom is difficulty sustaining attention, particularly for learning tasks.

The two types are known as:

1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

This is most commonly recognised type of ADHD. If your child has this type, they will have a short attention span, distractibility and impulsivity. Some of these children are also hyperactive.

2. Attention Deficit Disorder (Predominately Inattentive Presentation)

If teachers describe your child as a “daydreamer”, they may have this type of Attention Deficit Disorder. These children are not impulsive or hyperactive but they do have difficulty keeping up their attention for learning and can be easily distracted.

The only way to know if you child really has a diagnosed attention disorder is to have them assessed by a developmental paediatrician or an educational psychologist.

Attention, Executive Function & Learning Difficulties

Children with ADHD also have difficulty with executive function. The executive functions occur in our brains and include planning, organisation and “working memory”.

This means they have particularly difficulty planning and organising their daily schedule, and keeping track of their belongings. This also impact on their ability to plan and organise written language tasks such as writing stories and composing essays.


This means they have particularly difficulty planning and organising their daily schedule, and keeping track of their belongings. This also impact on their ability to plan and organise written language tasks such as writing stories and composing essays.

Children with ADHD often have learning difficulties, because it is very hard for them to learn if they can’t pay attention.

  • Hugh's school psychologist recommended Melissa try Fast ForWord.  After using the program for 6 months Hugh's reading has improved from below his age level to over a year above, he is better organised and his listening skills have improved. The vice principal said to Melissa, "God, hasn't Hugh grown up over the school holidays?" Read More

    Melissa | VIC
  • Cameron didn't like school - sound familiar?. Follow Cam's journey from a 10yo being diagnosed with APD to a young man who overcame his challenges, graduated from high school and commenced his TAFE studies.  The changes in Cam – his school results, his self confidence – were so dramatic that he and his mum agreed to tell their story on the Channel 7 Sunrise program Read More

    Deb | Cameron
  • Within 1.5 months, Elliot's concentration came easier and he was more calm... not so stressed. Another month later and we started noticing subtle changes - Elliot was thinking more clearly, was more confident, and more settled in his thought processes. Elaine says Elliot's times tables have also improved since doing FFW. Elliot himself reports that EVERYTHING seems clearer now.

    Elaine | NSW
  • Oli is not a big vegetable eater and the other night he asked if he could leave his vegetables. I said that was fine but if he was too tired to eat them, then he would probably be too tired to read. To our shock he then ate his vegetables so he could read to me in bed- we love this program!!!

    Deborah | New Zealand
  • My 7yo boy no longer needs a list to get through his morning routine. He is now quite independent, very well organised and his self management has increased a great deal. He used to ask me how to spell a word 5 or 6 times but now he asks once and remembers it. We have benefited from Fast ForWord enormously.

    Desiree | New Zealand
  • "I would never have begun to imagine that he could make progress on the scale that he has. It's been absolutely incredible". Watch Heather and Mary describe the changes Brodie got from using the Fast ForWord programs for 6 months, including how he is now reading Harry Potter novels, and how his confidence has improved. Read More

    Heather | New Zealand
  • "Ellen does struggle with comprehension at times which is part of her Auditory Processing Disorder. I must say her language, writing, reading and comprehension has markedly improved since doing Fast ForWord! Her speech and oral language has also accelerated. The change in her confidence has been amazing!"

    Roger | Northern NSW
  • Kirsty tells her story with Fast ForWord and how she has seen positive changes in herself and her children. Filmed at the Lindfield Speech Pathology and Learning Centre

    Kirsty | NSW
  • "Huge improvement in reading and writing.…more enthusiastic and confident. Simply life changing"

    Jessica | Sydney
  • “Our son has shown improvements in so many areas, most importantly, focus and attention. This has impacted his achievemnts across the board at school and has increased his confidence and willingness to be involved in his education. Thank you for your support, the results are amazing.”

    Mary | New Zealand
  • Within a few weeks of the program Dominic's ability to articulate was at a more advanced level. School Spelling tests results jumped from 70% to 100%. He won his first ever award for English within the first month of the program. Even his ability to play chess and memory for everyday things improved. My only regret was not doing the program sooner.

    Richard | NSW
  • Joseph is a student from Hong Kong staying with us to complete his High School education. He struggles with dyslexia, but says he is enjoying the Fast ForWord program. He was quite excited because he felt his vocab was increasing, and he was better able to distinguish between similar sounding words.

    Marcia | VIC
  • “Before I first started Fast ForWord, I was a very bad reader and speller, but now that I have done it I’m better at reading and writing. I’m very pleased that this program has helped me so much. I have an easier time understanding instructions and I’m so happy that I can read so much better than before.”

    Melissa | 14yo student | Sydney
  • "My sweet boy suffered 13 ear infections before he turned 6. He didn’t talk much, but we could see humour and intelligence in his eyes. After Fast ForWord he transformed into a chatty, comedic, outgoing little guy, who now contributes in class, has an incredible vocabulary for his age and is almost unrecognisible from the little boy before. What a gift this program has been."

    Samira | Sydney
  • “This program has done wonders for Ella. It’s been hard work for all of us, but the changes are truly amazing. The reading program has been particularly good for her, as being able to decode more easily has increased her desire to read.”

    Jim & Helen | Woollongong
  • We just got his latest school report, his reading and spelling grades have greatly improved compared to his last report. Thank you LearnFast and the Fast ForWord program!

    Nancy | South Sydney
  • "I am thrilled with Louise’s results. I have also noticed a real shift in her, it seems that her mind is so clear and not "foggy" anymore."

    Alison | Southern NSW
  • “He read to me tonight and I told him what a pleasure it is to hear him reading aloud with confidence. Fast ForWord has been the help I have been searching for, for fourteen years now. This term, Tim is achieving over 80% in school tests! I recommend this program to everyone I talk to”.

    Sue | Melbourne
  • "Andrew was very excited today as he got 16 out of 20 in a comprehension test. He was 3rd or 4th highest in the class. In term one he only got 2 out of 20. He is so pleased with himself. We are of course really happy to see him get more confident in himself. I’m a very happy mum."

    Cathie | ACT
  • "Liam has had a leap in his expressive communication, his general behaviour and following instructions in class has improved. Just wanted to tell you of the positive improvements he is having already and it has only been 4 weeks."

    Mathew | Southern NSW
  • "Our daughter has shown improvement in so many ways including focus and attentiveness as well as academically. This in turn has improved her confidence and involvement."

    Laura | Melbourne
  • "James recently had a test done by the school Speech Pathologist and he is finally in the average section of the chart! Low end of it but compared to where we started with him, to actually have him in that average space is wonderful, and I thank you and the Fast ForWord team that has helped make it possible! I appreciate all you've done"

    Lauren | NSW Central Coast
  • "Miranda’s teacher told me that there had been a huge improvement in Miranda’s reading and writing in the last few weeks. She wanted to know what I had been doing with Miranda to bring about such great changes. Miranda is now more confident and enthusiastic as well."

    Joan | Melbourne
  • "Reading fluency has gone from reading one page reluctantly in 8-10 minutes to now reading one page in a minute with fluency and full comprehension. Adam is finding it much easier to sequence events and can tell jokes in the right sequence."

    Michelle | West Sydney
  • "Good improvement in concentration… reading prolifically and the teacher has noticed an overall improvement in the classroom… best money ever spent."

    David | Southern Sydney
  • "Good improvement in concentration… reading prolifically and the teacher has noticed an overall improvement in the classroom… best money ever spent."

    Samantha | New Zealand
  • Since coming to Australia my son has been having extra english lessons. He was making slow progress until starting Fast ForWord. Now his english has improved and his teacher says he's learning english faster.

    Satvik | Melbourne
  • My daughter is now able to understand instructions better and is able to talk to her friends better. Worth every cent!

    Jenny | Sydney
  • "Laura used to frequently speak and always sang in a high pitched, squeaky, baby-like voice. I realized on Monday that she has stopped doing it. Something is happening!!"

    Brendan | Northern Sydney
  • "My mildly autistic son is now more interested in reading and is talking more about things that he likes. Before working on Fast ForWord he had not been as enthusiastic. I am now telling other parents how happy I am with the program."

    KIimberly | West Melbourne