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Maximise your Child’s Potential


EVERYONE – from struggling students to gifted children can benefit from brain training


Your child will develop multiple skills in each training session because the LearnFast programs cross train essential thinking and reading skills,. This makes your child’s development faster and more solid as the skills reinforce each other.

Your child can achieve these benefits in 30 minutes a day with the LearnFast programs:


Enhanced Memory

Strong memory – especially “working memory” is vital for learning. When your child uses the LearnFast programs as specified by the research based usage recommendations, he or she will develop ... learn more

Focussed Attention

Your child will struggle to learn if they find it hard to pay attention. If students are unable to sustain their attention in the classroom, this will compromise their learning. ... learn more

Faster Thinking

The LearnFast programs were developed in response to 30 years of research into why some children have difficulty with learning and language. The researchers found one of the key factors ... learn more

Accelerated Learning & Reading

As your child improves the individual skills that are the foundation for learning they will find learning & reading easier. They will remember and respond to new information. Their listening, ... learn more

Better Comprehension

Your child needs a combination of strong language skills and a good working memory to comprehend well. The LearnFast programs develop language skills and working memory simultaneously. ... learn more

Greater Ability to Follow Instructions

Parents and teachers can become frustrated when children fail to follow instructions. Often the child has not fully understood the instruction, or can’t remember it all. ... learn more

Improved Social Skills

To engage effectively in social conversations and interactions, your child needs to use a range of language and thinking skills. The LearnFast programs improve these skills - language, memory and ... learn more

More Confidence

When a child has difficulty communicating or is struggling to learn in the classroom it can lead to major issues with self-confidence. Children with language difficulties often have trouble forming ... learn more