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Enhanced Memory

Strong memory – especially “working memory” is vital for learning.Enhanced Memory

Just about everyone has had the experience of going grocery shopping with a small list of purchases in their mindonly to forget one or more of them upon arriving at the store. Similarly, we all have left one room to retrieve something from another room, forgetting what we are after before we have even arrived. The ability to hold information in mind for a few minutes to a few hours is called working memory. It is essential for everything from language learning in children to following a book chapter from beginning to end.


When your child uses the LearnFast programs as specified by the research based usage recommendations, he or she will develop their working memory, as well as other cognitive (thinking) skills and their language skills.

Working memory is very important for all kinds of learning. Working memory is where we need to hold information in our mind and do something with that information.

For example in mental arithmetic, in understanding what we read, and many other learning tasks, the child has to listen to or read the information, hold it in their mind and do something with that remembered information – to come up with an answer or understanding of the information.

All the LearnFast programs incorporate a working memory component so this skill is greatly enhanced by the exercises.