Neuroscience 4 Homeschooling

Build your learners brains at home for all round success

  • Make learning easier 
  • Improve social and emotional skills
  • Maths success in 10 minutes a day


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Our Programs

FFW123.4.pngFast ForWord 123

Make learning easier

A unique 3 step, scientifically proven evidence-based method for increasing students' capacity to learn based on 45 years of research. Find out more.

Platypus power reading program different for a reason - orange2.png

Platypus Power Reading Program

Different for a reason

This reading development program combines neuroscience-based exercises with voice recognition technology to develop your child's reading at home.

SE Groupshot 230 360.pngThe Social Express

Improve social and emotional skills

Looking for a way, in the safety of your own home, to help develop your children's social and emotional skills? Find out more.

maths hopscotch 360 230.pngMake Learning Maths Easier

Maths success in 10 minutes a day

If your child is struggling with maths and number concepts, or just does not like maths, then the simple exercises and messages from this eBook will help. Find out more.