Make Learning Maths Easier

Maths Success in 10 Minutes a Day

The Make Learning Maths Easier Book is written for home-schooler and other parents.

If your child is struggling with maths and number concepts,
or just does not like maths,
will this get better or worse as they progress through their education?

To help your child to be better and more confident at maths, these simple exercises and tips are easy for you to use. The concepts are:

  • 10-15 minutes, 5 days a week.
  • Tap into the power of the 'reward economy' for an essential performance boost.

Make Learning Maths Easier will not only help with learning maths, it is also a positive parenting tool - it provides you with lots of opportunities to celebrate learning success and the measured improvements your child is able to make happen.

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The book includes free access to The Maths Skills Booster, a proven paper and pencil tool to boost your child's maths progress. The free monthly Maths Skills Booster download:

  • gives parents many opportunities to praise their child’s maths progress
  • Allows the child to measure and see their improvement.
  • Enables parents to have positive conversations with their child about maths – even if their child has really struggled in the past, they can see and feel improvements every month.
The Make Learning Maths Easier Book is available in softcopy and hardcopy.