The Social Express

Teaching foundational skills for social and emotional learning in the safety of your own home

The Social Express provides a safe, controlled and familiar learning environment. Students have the opportunity to become more socially competent by learning and practicing successful social interactions. Potential benefits include the ability to:

  • Identify feelings in others
  • Understand the importance of “eye contact”
  • Read non-verbal social cues
  • Identify appropriate coping strategies
  • Learn how to start conversations
  • Learn how to be part of a group

The research-based animated interactive lessons encourage users to practice real-life social interactions. They build their skills to develop meaningful relationships and successfully navigate our social world.


What's Included?




81 Interactive Animated Webisodes

  • Premade Lesson Plans
  • Three Skill Levels
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • Engaging Content
  • Models Correct & Incorrect choices





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Reporting Tools

  • Progress Reports
  • Usage Reports
  • Progress Monitoring Reports
  • Webisode History Reports
  • All Exportable


How It Works

Interactive learning for your computer, iPad and any smart board

Help Zack, Emma, Sam, and Katie solve social problems! Children and young adults now have a safe environment to learn and practice skills needed to help them develop meaningful relationships and successfully navigate our social world.

Learn about: Attentive Listening, Conflict Resolution, Conversations, Critical Thinking, Group Participation, Non-Verbal Communication, Relationship Management, and Self-ManagementHow SE works.jpg