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Prevent Bullying in Your Primary School


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Bullying happens in most schools. Teachers don’t always see or hear about every instance of bullying but its effects on students are often visible.

 Students who are bullied may experience:

  • Emotional harm
    • low self-esteem
    • feeling powerless
    • anxiety
  • Difficulty concentrating in class
  • Academic performance well below their potential
  • Self-harm or worse, in extreme situations

And these negative effects may continue into adulthood.


 Bullying interferes with students learning and contributes to a negative culture at school. To reduce or even stop it happening altogether a comprehensive anti-bullying program is needed. By building the social/emotional intelligence of the school population, the impact and instances of bullying can be reduced and teachers can focus on quality teaching.


Cool School ticks all the boxes for a successful anti- bullying intervention

☑  Holisitic, whole-school approach**
☑  Educational content allows students to develop social and emotional competencies and learn appropriate ways to respond to bullying
☑  Support and professional development to teachers and other school staff

☑  Systematic implementation and evaluation of approaches, strategies and programs
☑  Easy to implement
☑  All content, lesson plans, teacher PD, and reporting mechanisms ready to access
☑  Allows teachers to add their professional expertise to the program content

** NSW State Department of Education criteria


Cool School is a bullying trend tracker that includes resources such as
3 x 6 week curricula of interactive lessons


Now schools have a comprehensive, ready to use program to reduce or prevent bullying.  It’s called “Cool School”, and it’s ready for you to incorporate in your curriculum now.

Cool School:

  • Developed by Psychologists and Educators
  • Interactive, animated, online lessons
  • Provides students with strategies if they are bullied or witness bullying behaviour
  • Enables teachers to facilitate "safe” discussions about bullying
  • Provides students with a safe option for reporting bullying incidents
  • Includes assessments before and after the program
  • Allows schools to track progress in managing bullying over time
Cool School is supported by its sister program Social Express which builds social and emotional intelligence to help reduce bullying. Social Express includes 81 interactive webisodes spread over three 27 week curriculums. Look at a sample webisode here.



Learn how you can use The Cool School Program in your school

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