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Accelerate Learning


Promote Pro-Social Behaviour & Reduce Bullying

in Your School with

The Social & Emotional Learning Educators Kit

The SEL Educators Kit contains two related curricula:

Cool School – “No Bullying Allowed” 3 x tactical 6-week curriculum for specific pro-social situations &

The Social Express – “Making social learning easy” 3 x 27 week curriculum building foundational social skills 

And also:  The Clubhouse, your school's own social media network (only your students allowed in).

Cool School

The Social Express

Cool School - "No Bullying Allowed"

How do you educate all 6 potential role-players to engage in pro-social behaviour?

cool school bully.png


Cool School ticks all the boxes for a successful anti- bullying intervention

☑  Provides students a safe option to report bullying incidents anonymously
☑  Holisitic, whole-school approach**
☑  Easy to implement
   Educational content allows students to develop social and emotional competencies and learn appropriate ways to respond to bullying**
☑  Support and professional development to teachers and other school staff**
☑  Systematic implementation and evaluation of approaches, strategies and programs**
☑  All content, lesson plans, teacher PD, and reporting mechanisms ready to access
☑  Allows teachers to add their professional expertise to the program content

** NSW State Department of Education criteria

Bullying happens in most schools. Teachers don’t always see or hear about every instance of bullying but its effects on students are often visible.

 Students who are bullied may experience:

  • Emotional harm
    • low self-esteem
    • feeling powerless
    • anxiety
  • Difficulty concentrating in class
  • Academic performance well below their potential
  • Self-harm or worse, in extreme situations

And these negative effects may continue into adulthood.

cool school - playground.png

Bullying interferes with students learning and contributes to a negative culture at school. To reduce or even stop it happening altogether a comprehensive anti-bullying program is needed. By building the social/emotional intelligence of the school population, the impact and instances of bullying can be reduced and teachers can focus on quality teaching. 

Cool School features an anti-bullying trend tracker so you can monitor bullying incidents
and your students' progress towards zero bullying

Cool School:

  • Developed by Psychologists and Educators
  • Interactive, animated, online lessons
  • Provides students with strategies if they are bullied or witness bullying behaviour
  • Enables teachers to facilitate "safe” discussions about bullying
  • Provides students with a safe anonymous option for reporting bullying incidents
  • Includes assessments before and after the program
  • Allows schools to track progress in managing bullying over time


The Social Express - "Making Social Learning Easy"

If you have students who need to develop their social and emotional skills,
The Social Express can help

How would you feel if there was a way you could deliver a structured, research-based, series of lessons to students who need help to:

  • Use pro-social behaviour more often
  • Identify others’ feelings
  • Read non-verbal social cues
  • Start conversations & stay on topic
  • Use figurative language (idioms) in conversation
  • Become part of a group
  • Understand the hidden rules in social situations
  • Sequence situations and predict what will come next
  • Monitor when others are using appropriate social behaviours
  • Use “eye contact” to figure out what to say or do in social situations

Easy for Teachers

The 81 animated, interactive “webisodes”, in The Social Express are structured so you can deliver them over 27 weeks.

Use on Computers, iPads or any smart board!

The robust curriculum offers online and offline activities with:

  • Premade lesson plans
  • 3 skill levels
  • Multiple choice quizzes
  • Modelling of correct and incorrect choices
  • Progress reports (for individuals and groups)


Your students - preschoolers to high schoolers - help the Social Express characters, Zack, Emma, Sam, and Katie solve social problems.

This way they practice real-life social interactions. Students can build their skills to develop meaningful relationships and successfully navigate our social world.


Social Learning is a Challenge

Some children and young adults may need direct instruction to acquire appropriate social competencies. Each facet of every skill is broken down into small pieces in The Social Express “webisodes”.

The Social Express  provides a highly interactive and visual presentation and facilitates the generalisation of skills outside the teaching environment.

social-express-one2.jpgThe curriculum works on eight target skills.

  • Self-management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Coping Strategies
  • Group Participation
  • Attentive Listening
  • Relationship Management
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Conversations

The Social Express targets core deficit areas that stand in the way of school, social, and life success for your students. It enables them to become more socially aware and competent individuals.



Buy the 2019 SEL Educators Kit HERE, and combat bullying in your school 

PD course, Teacher Tools for the Social & Emotional Learning Students, lets you get started quickly.