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 Are you interested in trends in learning, learning technology, education, neuroscience, or treatments for learning difficulties – including auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, attention, autism and others? Do you have students you want to help achieve more from their education?

Find out what’s happening on these and other topics related to neuroscience and learning via "The Learning Brain News" and the "Learning Success Blog". 

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A weekly, interactive discussion series beginning January 21, 2021

Presented by Elite Performance Solutions Inc

Join a team of leading neuroscientists and education specialists for a weekly, interactive, online series that reveals how to understand and extract the untapped potential in everyone, ways to recognise and develop often hidden strengths, and how to give everyone the tools to gain that competitive edge in their lives and beyond.

Each session will be led by field experts and will explore the following topics:

  • understanding how to engage and harness the attention of all learners;
  • the use of neurotechnology in learning;
  • the importance of neuroplasticity in relation to learner success; and
  • the latest best practices for improving outcomes.

LearnFast has joined a global partnership lead by Elite Performance Solutions to present Pushing The Boundaries of Achievement Series The weekly discussions aim to provide educators, performance coaches, executives, parents and researchers with some of the latest thought leadership and developments in neuroscience for learning and performance. Each section will consist of a brief lecture, followed by a panel discussion and a question and answer period.

Find out more and register here



  Professional Development for Teachers

You choose either a 3 hour session or a condensed 1 hour session. Onsite and Online options available.

Presenters include specialists in education, neuroscience, learning difficulties, and behaviour.




"Glasses for the Ears"
Educational Neuroscience Presentation

The Glasses for the Ears presentation is helping teachers better understand educational neuroscience, the 4 decades of science behind Fast ForWord, and how you can improve learning outcomes across every subject.

Teachers will understand their role in helping to build their students’ learning capacity. In turn, this can help teachers be more effective and enjoy teaching more. Download printable flyer

Learn more and register here


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Young Minds Under Stress
Presentation for Teachers 

Children under stress devote a large part of their brain resources to survival, leaving less available for learning.

Stress can come from any source. It can be particularly acute when students are from a disadvantaged social or economic environment.

This PD session presents the latest research evidence about stress, brains, learning and behaviour. And it gives teachers 8 best practice tools to use in the classroom to mitigate the toxic effects of stress on learning. Download printable flyer.



Educating with Neuroscience Conferences

The Educating with Neuroscience Conferences will help Principals, other school leaders and teachers understand how to gain better leverage from all school resources – staff, infrastructure and curriculum tools - by deploying practices and programs based on educational neuroscience.

Attendees will hear international speakers discuss the latest educational neuroscience research, and how that research has been translated into practical tools for educators.

Learn more here.

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LearnFast hosts live webinars periodically

All upcoming live webinars will be detailed here so please check back again soon.

In the meantime please let us know what topics you would like covered in future webinars, by completing the form. 

You might like to listen to our past webinars here.


  Neuroscience in the News

The world's most detailed scan of the brain's internal wiring has been produced by scientists at Cardiff University

The MRI machine reveals the fibres which carry all the brain's thought processes.

Doctors hope it will help increase understanding of a range of neurological disorders and could be used instead of invasive biopsies.

New Insights into How Brains Develop

Researchers at UC San Francisco have discovered a previously unknown mass migration of inhibitory neurons into the brain’s frontal cortex during the first few months after birth, revealing a stage of brain development that had previously gone unrecognised. Duration 1.06mins.


2016 Kavli Prize in Neuroscience Awarded to
Michael M. Merzenich, Carla J. Shatz & Eve Marder

Contrary to longstanding assumptions that the brain was “hard-wired,” these three neuroscientists showed, beginning in the 1980s, that the experiences people have — and even the thoughts they think — can act back on the physical structure of the brain to change it. Read more here.



Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Online Reading Interventions Win THE Journal Readers’ Choice Awards

The journal.jpgSchool educators and staff who work in schools have once again praised the effectiveness of Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant by honoring each with an award in the annual THE Journal Readers’ Choice Awards. November, 2016.

Giving your Brain a Workout - BrainHQ on The Today Show with
Dr Merzenich

This brain fitness program could be a game-changer. A major study has pinpointed a brain fitness program that can actually fight the symptoms of aging. BrainHQ boasts a series of mental exercises that you do for about an hour a day, all designed by scientists to turn back the clock. Duration 4.08mins.

Channel 7 Sunrise Interview

See Dr Martha Burns and Cameron, a Fast ForWord user, being interviewed on the Channel 7 Sunrise morning show. 


For the Third Consecutive Year Fast ForWord is Named Top Product Winner by District Administration Magazine Readers

District Administration magazine, one of the Unitied State's top providers of news and information for K-12 school district leaders, has named the Fast ForWord® and Reading Assistant™ programs from Scientific Learning Corp. as 2016 Readers’ Choice Top Products award winners.

The winners were selected by the magazine’s editors from among hundreds of nominations received from the magazine’s readers - K-12 education administrators and leaders - for products they believe are helping school districts excel.

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