How can you help your child develop a "Reading Brain"?


"We take reading for granted, and yet numerous statistics find that too many students struggle with reading", said Dr Paula Tallal, a world-recognised authority on language-learning disabilities.

"Reading is one of the most complex skills we can learn in our lifetime but research shows that the brain can change and learn at any age and, in effect, be rewired for reading".

Scientists have developed a way your child can improve their reading brain and finish the school year a much more capable student.

They have created a neuroscience technology program called Fast ForWord123

Fast ForWord123 is scientifically proven to build brain fitness through individualised adaptive computer exercises that develop the memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills necessary for reading and learning.

The program identifies the your child's individual learning weaknesses and continuously adjusts the online exercises to keep them challenged.

Your child can make gains of up to 1-2 years in reading competency and these gains are maintained without additional training.

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What Our Clients Say

I wanted to write and say a big thank you. The results so far have been nothing short of amazing (great social language, much less anxiety, greater receptive language ability in challenging environments like school). I wish I had a camera when he opened his certificate today for finishing the language program. It was like he’d won an Oscar.

Steve | Victoria


Before I first started your program, I was a very bad reader and speller, but now that I have done it I’m better at reading and writing. I’m very pleased that this program has helped me so much. I have an easier time understanding instructions and I’m so happy that I can read so much better than before.

Lachlan, 9yo | New Zealand


This program has helped me in Maths and other subjects I have trouble with.  I feel it has helped with my reading and my understanding of things during and after classes. I can sound out words heaps better and I think if I do it a bit longer I will get where I’m meant to be in class work.

Imogen, 12yo | NSW


My son's reading fluency has gone from a page of “Babe” read reluctantly in 8-10 minutes to now reading 1 page in a minute with fluency and full comprehension.  He is finding it much easier to sequence events and can tell jokes in the right sequence.

Amanda | Victoria