Success Stories  

We hear many inspiring stories about how Fast ForWord123 has changed the lives of so many children.
Here you can read some of those stories.


"Amelie was a very reluctant reader and reading was really hard work for her. More often than not she would read with no meaning and zero comprehension and her reading accuracy made it impossible for her to know what was going on. So one thing we noticed, fairly quickly with Fast ForWord, was her accuracy with her reading. She could actually understand and enjoy what she was reading. Fast ForWord made a huge difference and that was a massive gain for us all". Read more.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


"Last year Matt was not wanting to go to school. He’s a really social kid, outgoing, confident little lad, and he didn’t want to go to school. He was waking up and saying ‘I don't want to go to school, school's boring, I don't like school,’ Since Fast ForWord I haven't heard that at all. His assessment at the conclusion of the 5 month subscription showed a gain of 34 months taking him from an estimated grade of Year two and eight months to a grade of Year five and six months. Fast ForWord has made a big difference for Matt". Read more.

Learning Difficulties


"What I really like about Fast ForWord is that it's visual and stimulating and teaches the basics which aren't really taught that well at school anymore. It's just assumed that kids pick it up. But when children are like George and they don't learn the way every other kid learns, they don't pick it up. We've got four emails from his teachers and the learning support teacher at school talking about the progress George has made. His reading has improved. His speaking has dramatically improved". Read more.

Learning Difficulties

Mama Woz

“Fast ForWord does what no other intervention can do: it starts with cognitive skills like memory, attention and processing speed and works from the bottom up, using the principles of neuroplasticity. Best of all, the program can be done in the comfort of my own home. Having the home based options sure beats sitting in traffic, racing between therapy appointments and shoving dinner down from the back seat.” Read more.

Autism Spectrum Disorder


“It would really pain me when I used to listen to Ryan read, he’d look at a word and couldn’t for the life of him try and sound it out. He just couldn’t do it. He was having tutoring in English and reading and was getting spelling help as well, but that was basically just putting a band-aid on the problem, but not fixing the foundation". Read more.

Reading Difficulties


"Within 1.5 months, Elliot's concentration came easier and he was more calm... not so stressed. Another month later and we started noticing subtle changes - Elliot was thinking more clearly, was more confident, and more settled in his thought processes. Elaine says Elliot's times tables have also improved since doing FFW. Elliot himself reports that EVERYTHING seems clearer now." Read more.

Learning Difficulties


"Hugh's school psychologist recommended Melissa try Fast ForWord.  After using the program for 6 months Hugh's reading has improved from below his age level to over a year above, he is better organised and his listening skills have improved. The vice principal said to Melissa, "God, hasn't Hugh grown up over the school holidays?" Read More.

Auditory Processing Disorder


"I highly recommend the Fast ForWord program to anyone who has a child with learning difficulties as it’s the only thing that got my son through primary school and up to a level where he could enter and succeed in high school. It’s a brilliant program and should be available in all schools for students to undertake as part of their curriculum." Read More.

Auditory Processing Disorder


"I would never have begun to imagine that he could make progress on the scale that he has. It's been absolutely incredible". Watch Heather and Mary describe the changes Brodie got from using the Fast ForWord programs for 6 months, including how he is now reading Harry Potter novels, and how his confidence has improved. Read More.



"Oli is not a big vegetable eater and the other night he asked if he could leave his vegetables. I said that was fine but if he was too tired to eat them, then he would probably be too tired to read. To our shock he then ate his vegetables so he could read to me in bed- we love this program!!!"

Learning & Reading Difficulties


"My 7yo boy no longer needs a list to get through his morning routine. He is now quite independent, very well organised and his self management has increased a great deal. He used to ask me how to spell a word 5 or 6 times but now he asks once and remembers it. We have benefited from Fast ForWord enormously."

Learning Difficulties & Auditory Processing Disorder


"In first semester he was getting Bs and Cs, and the occasional A. And then towards the end of last year, I think his lowest mark was a B, and he had As for comprehension and spelling!  Read more.

Auditory Processing Disorder, Writing & Spelling

Jim & Helen 

“This program has done wonders for Ella. It’s been hard work for all of us, but the changes are truly amazing. The reading program has been particularly good for her, as being able to decode more easily has increased her desire to read.”

Reading Difficulties


Kirsty tells her story with Fast ForWord and how she has seen positive changes in herself and her children. Filmed at the Lindfield Speech Pathology and Learning Centre. Watch Video.



"Huge improvement in reading and writing …more enthusiastic and confident. Simply life changing"



“Our son has shown improvements in so many areas, most importantly, focus and attention. This has impacted his achievements across the board at school and has increased his confidence and willingness to be involved in his education. Thank you for your support, the results are amazing.”

Attention Deficit Disorder


"Within a few weeks of the program Dominic's ability to articulate was at a more advanced level. School Spelling tests results jumped from 70% to 100%. He won his first ever award for English within the first month of the program. Even his ability to play chess and memory for everyday things improved. My only regret was not doing the program sooner."

Learning Difficulties


"Joseph is a student from Hong Kong staying with us to complete his High School education. He struggles with dyslexia, but says he is enjoying the Fast ForWord program. He was quite excited because he felt his vocab was increasing, and he was better able to distinguish between similar sounding words."

Dyslexia & English Language Learner


"James recently had a test done by the school Speech Pathologist and he is finally in the average section of the chart! Low end of it but compared to where we started with him, to actually have him in that average space is wonderful, and I thank you and the Fast ForWord team that has helped make it possible! I appreciate all you've done"

Learning Difficulties


"My sweet boy suffered 13 ear infections before he turned 6. He didn’t talk much, but we could see humour and intelligence in his eyes. After Fast ForWord he transformed into a chatty, comedic, outgoing little guy, who now contributes in class, has an incredible vocabulary for his age and is almost unrecognisible from the little boy before. What a gift this program has been."

Learning Difficulties


"Ellen does struggle with comprehension at times which is part of her Auditory Processing Disorder. I must say her language, writing, reading and comprehension has markedly improved since doing Fast ForWord! Her speech and oral language has also accelerated. The change in her confidence has been amazing!"

Auditory Processing Disorder


"We just got his latest school report, his reading and spelling grades have greatly improved compared to his last report. Thank you LearnFast and the Fast ForWord program!"

English Language Learner


"Good improvement in concentration… reading prolifically and the teacher has noticed an overall improvement in the classroom… best money ever spent."

Auditory Processing Disorder


"Our daughter has shown improvement in so many ways including focus and attentiveness as well as academically. This in turn has improved her confidence and involvement."

Attention Deficit Disorder


"Andrew was very excited today as he got 16 out of 20 in a comprehension test. He was 3rd or 4th highest in the class. In term one he only got 2 out of 20. He is so pleased with himself. We are of course really happy to see him get more confident in himself. I’m a very happy mum."



"Liam has had a leap in his expressive communication, his general behaviour and following instructions in class has improved. Just wanted to tell you of the positive improvements he is having already and it has only been 4 weeks."

Autism Spectrum Disorder


"Miranda’s teacher told me that there had been a huge improvement in Miranda’s reading and writing in the last few weeks. She wanted to know what I had been doing with Miranda to bring about such great changes. Miranda is now more confident and enthusiastic as well."



“Before I first started Fast ForWord, I was a very bad reader and speller, but now that I have done it I’m better at reading and writing. I’m very pleased that this program has helped me so much. I have an easier time understanding instructions and I’m so happy that I can read so much better than before. I'm 14 years old.”

Reading Difficulties


“He read to me tonight and I told him what a pleasure it is to hear him reading aloud with confidence. Fast ForWord has been the help I have been searching for, for fourteen years now. This term, Tim is achieving over 80% in school tests! I recommend this program to everyone I talk to”.

Reading Difficulties


"Reading fluency has gone from reading one page reluctantly in 8-10 minutes to now reading one page in a minute with fluency and full comprehension. Adam is finding it much easier to sequence events and can tell jokes in the right sequence."

Auditory Processing Disorder


"Since coming to Australia my son has been having extra english lessons. He was making slow progress until starting Fast ForWord. Now his english has improved and his teacher says he's learning english faster."

English Language Learner


"Laura used to frequently speak and always sang in a high pitched, squeaky, baby-like voice. I realised on Monday that she has stopped doing it. Something is happening!!"

Autism Spectrum Disorder


"My mildly autistic son is now more interested in reading and is talking more about things that he likes. Before working on Fast ForWord he had not been as enthusiastic. I am now telling other parents how happy I am with the program."

Autism Spectrum Disorder


"Our daughter improved a tremendous amount with the program in the areas of auditory processing and working memory. There are visible gains in many areas of her life, particularly in competitive gymnastics. She has also improved her communications skills and is more involved in conversations than she was before. This is what we had hoped to achieve with the program.

She enjoyed the program and we would strongly recommend it to others. We will definitely be back if she needs a tune up or further improvement in these areas after a break.

Thank you for your assistance and support with the program. We are grateful."

Auditory Processing Disorder, Working Memory


"I am thrilled with Louise’s results. I have also noticed a real shift in her, it seems that her mind is so clear and not "foggy" anymore."

Learning Difficulties


"My daughter is now able to understand instructions better and is able to talk to her friends better. Worth every cent!"

English Language Learner


"What we didn’t expect from Fast ForWord was that his confidence would improve. His confidence to keep trying, it’s opened up avenues in his brain.

At first he couldn’t concentrate for longer than 5 minutes but now he can do the 10 minute game. He does his ‘brain work’ before school, after he gets up.

We knew Fast ForWord would help his reading, he’s actually read a book now, but what we didn’t expect was an improvement in his behaviour. The teacher has noticed it and so have we.

It’s been well worth it and I intend to continue with it after we complete Reading Readiness".

Reading Difficulties

Success Stories at School

School studies – examples from Australia & New Zealand

Covenant College

Fast ForWord Neuroscience Programs a Success at Covenant College


“I’ve seen too many good results here with a range of children to not give all the kids an opportunity to do it. I've seen that bright kids also benefit from Fast ForWord. It's not just for those kids who are really struggling”, said Head of Junior School. Read more.


Urana School

Urana Public School: 5 Years of Success with Fast ForWord Brain Training

Northern NSW

“I think it's a no-brainer, for lack of a better word. I've seen enough for five years to tell me that it works and it will work particularly well for those kids who have learning difficulties, but it's going to work for all your kids,” said the school’s Principal.  Read more.

narooma public school

Historic School Helps Students with Latest Fast ForWord Brain Science

Southern NSW

The growth of 90 Fast ForWord students from Year 3 to Year 5 on the NAPLAN assessment exceeded a control group (students in the same year group, with the same curriculum). Literacy growth was 28% better; numeracy growth was 11.5% better.  Read more.


Welbourn Primary School

School Finds Fast ForWord & Helps Struggling Students

New Zealand

The students now seem more alert and engaged and will hold a conversation and some of them will often instigate the conversation rather than avoiding it. Their memory has improved; their ability to follow instructions has improved. We have doubled the number of children on the program because Fast ForWord has been so successful.”  Read more.

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