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Build English Fast


Researched at Top Universities

Rutgers, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Cornell

Asian old couple using tabletResearch shows up to 2 years’ gain in reading and language skills from 3 months training.

Used in China’s Fastest Growing English Language Learning Franchise - BrainMaps. The Build English Fast program uses the same technology as Brain Maps - thousands of Chinese speakers prove how quick it works.

If English is not your first language, and you want to improve how you read, write and speak English, Build English Fast can help.

When you use Build English Fast at home, on your computer or tablet device, you will be able to recognise the sounds of English more clearly, learn the meaning of English words and read English better.


Unique 3 Step Process helps you learn English Fast:

Step 1: Prepare the brain

The Build English Fast software "wires" your brain to recognise the 44 sounds of English. Your brain needs this ability before you can learn to understand, speak, read and write English.

Step 2: Practice English skills, intensively

When you use Build English Fast you will complete 1000s of trials practicing grammar, vocabulary and listening skills needed for fast English language learning – more practice than you can get anywhere else, even from a teacher.

Step 3: Read English aloud, with support

You practice reading aloud with your Build English Fast program using speech recognition technology to “listen” to your English pronunciation. You'll hear the correct pronunciation whenever you need it.


Your Build English Fast Program helps you:


  • Advanced listening accuracy
  • Multi-step directions
  • Language comprehension
  • All forms of English grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • English phoneme discrimination


  • Oral reading of texts of various complexity
  • Support practice speaking English aloud
  • Speech production of multisyllabic words
  • Repeated readings to build English language oral and reading fluency


  • English phonemic awareness
  • Word analysis: suffixes, prefixes, root words
  • close reading
  • Figurative language
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Answer questions about key details in a text (reading comprehension)
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Summarisation 



  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Basic and academic vocabulary
  • Recognising, ordering, and constructing sentences
  • Paragraph completion and ordering

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