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Build English Fast

If English is not your first language, and you want to improve how you read, write and speak English, Build English Fast can help.

Research shows up to 2 years’ gain in reading and language skills from 3 months training.

Build English Fast’s unique 3-step process can help you get more from English Language lessons or classes.
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Nervanix Insight

Nervanix listens to how a brain pays attention. Whilst studying digital material, using an EEG headset, the Nervanix Attention software enables you to understand where you were paying attention and know when your mind wandered.
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Language & Cognitive Enhancement 

Fast ForWord Neuroscience Programs are like “Glasses for the ears” which improve how well you listen and learn. The exercises hardwire your brain to be more efficient at processing the 44 sounds of the English language. Fast ForWord uses patented algorithms that adapt to your every click, making the level of challenge best for you at that time. This produces an engaging experience and the intensity needed to create new connections in your brain. It improves the brain at any age.
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Your regular (daily) brain calisthenics – simple to do in your coffee break and use the best understanding of brain science from the Posit Science team led by the “father of brain plasticity” Prof. Mike Merzenich.
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Reading Assistant

An online reading tutor using the best of voice recognition technology to privately coach your reading fluency and improve your ability to understand what you read. Become an impressive reader and lose the fear of reading out loud. Reading Assistant contains a broad range of books carefully chosen from contemporary, classic, and multicultural literature, with a variety of fiction, personal narratives, jokes, poetry, eyewitness accounts and journals, nonfiction and biographies.
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An internationally famous-with-educators, intervention to improve working memory in 5-6 weeks. Cogmed has been developed by leading neuroscientists and is based on the breakthrough concept that the working memory can be improved through intensive, systematic training.
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