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Reading Assistant

 Your online Reading Coach


Reading Assistant builds your reading fluency (how easily & fast you can read), your vocabulary and how well you understand what you read. 

Did you know that reading aloud also helps you remember what you read?

“Producing a word aloud during study, relative to simply reading a word silently, improves explicit memory.” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition May, 2010, “The production effect: delineation of a phenomenon” Colin MacLeod, Nigel Gopie, Kathleen Hourihan, Karen Neary, and Jason Ozubko.

And, you learn to speak the words more clearly, with your online reading aloud coach.

The advanced speech recognition software tells you how you should pronounce the word, corrects you where you need help and even has records your speech so that you can listen to yourself speak compared to the ideal.

Your Reading Assistant Online Reading Aloud program builds the essential skills for adults wishing to improve their reading, needing to be able to understand more of what they have to read for their job or profession, or planning further study requiring them to read a lot of material.

This online interactive program gives you intensive reading aloud practice and uses speech verification technology to act as a coach, providing our one-on-one guided support while you read aloud.

Reading Assistant is the only reading program that models the correct reading of a passage as you read it out loud. The voice recognition-powered "tutor” intervenes when you falter and automatically scores your oral reading. You can see your own progress and monitor your improvement on more than 300 reading selections.

How Does Reading Assistant Work?

It is well known that students benefit from extra reading aloud practice, especially when it is combined with immediate feedback and support from a coach.

With Reading Assistant software, you receive individualised reading coaching every time you use the software, so you can make the most of each reading session.

Reading Assistant is for anyone who has basic word recognition and decoding skills and is now building vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. This includes students as young as preschoolers, all the way up to adults.



The online Reading Aloud Software delivers:

Help When You Need It: Reading Assistant acts as a patient, non-judgmental listener, providing support when you need it.

Patented technology provides real-time corrective feedback via speech recognition, enabling you to self-correct as you are reading aloud, improving your fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Anytime, Anywhere Access: You can use Reading Assistant online which makes the software easy use at home, or even in a quiet place at work.

There are 300+texts you choose from, covering a wide variety of topics.

Unrivaled Real-time Literacy Support

Reading Assistant is the only reading software program that “listens” to readers as they read out loud, intervenes when they falter, and automatically scores their oral reading. No other program or e-book provides comparable real-time guidance and feedback.

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Visit our shop to purchase a 3 or 6 month Reading Assistant Subscription. A 3 month subscription is $610 and a 6 month subscription is $894. Included in your subscription is an initial 30 minute orientation call with a program specialist to ensure you get the most out of the program.

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