250 Research Studies Published on Fast ForWord & Clear Fluency

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How do you usually make decisions when you are thinking about an important purchase such as a car or a large household item like a refrigerator or washing machine?

Do you base your decisions on:

  1. How you feel (“I really like it”)?
  2. What others say about it?
  3. Comparisons of facts and data (fuel consumption, energy efficiency, reports by independent consumer organisations)?
  4. A combination of all of these.

Decisions about educational software

Parents and teachers who need to evaluate educational software can learn what others say about the particular software, but they are often unable to find data and research to help in their decision-making.

The Fast ForWord and Clear Fluency educational software programs are an exception.  Over 250 studies have been published about these brain training and reading development programs which also build the english language brain.

Carnegie Learning, the developer of these programs is one of the only educational software companies whose neuroscience research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Science and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Some of the research was done by neuroscientists at universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Rutgers and Cornell.

The studies have included:

  • Experimental designs with random assignment of subjects
  • Independent reviews by education and government organisations
  • School case studies
  • Short term and longitudinal studies
  • More than 100,000 students in over 1000 schools
  • Multiple countries including USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

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