Brodie & Dyslexia - How Fast ForWord Helped His Reading and Confidence

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Dyslexia helpBrodie's Story Part 1

"I would never have begun to imagine that he could make progress on the scale that he has. It 's been absolutely incredible".

That's Heather Walker, grandmother of Brodie, an 11 year old severely dyslexic boy, describing the extraordinary improvements that the Fast ForWord program made to his reading.

Brodie had quite a lot of speech therapy support and had worked on a spelling program, but nothing had helped. He was a cheerful, outgoing boy but his struggles with dyslexia were impacting his self confidence.

After investigating how else they might be able to help, Heather and Mary, Brodie's mum, decided to have him use the Fast ForWord brain training and reading development programs. These programs are particularly effective for dyslexic children because they work to simultaneously build the fundamental thinking and language skills necessary for reading.  And they have numerous research studies confirming their effectiveness.

Watch Heather and Mary describe the changes Brodie got from using the Fast ForWord programs for 6 months, including how he is now reading Harry Potter novels, and how his confidence has improved.


Brodie's Story Part 2

Brodie-2Brodie is an 11 year old boy whose struggles with dyslexia were severely impacting his self confidence, until he did the Fast ForWord program to improve his reading. 

After he competed the online neuroscience based program at home, he found reading much easier - he was able to read Harry Potter books for the first time - and he regained his previous happy, outgoing personality.

He also found that his memory was much better, thanks to the Fast ForWord exercises that develop working and long term memory.  He learnt Pavarotti’s "Nessun Dorma" by heart for a school performance.

Brodie's self confidence was so much better that he entered a speech contest in his school district and was chosen as a candidate in his school's mock elections for Prime Minister. The speech contest included children from 5 local primary schools.

Brodie, alias ‘Johnny Depp’ did so well that he got to the finals.

His grandmother, Heather, says "It was wonderful to see him with the confidence to prepare and deliver a speech". 

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