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brain_neuroscience.jpgThere’s quite a bit of talk going on these days about the emergence of neuroscience in education. Some people are even talking about a scientific model of education, and not just pedagogy (the method of teaching).

But what is educational neuroscience - are there programs that schools can implement which deliver the principles of this science in a practical way?

The Learning Capacity Podcast has produced a 3 part mini series in which two teachers and a parent tell their stories about how they implemented an educational neuroscience program, and the results they got.

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In three discussions, you’ll hear people talk about real experiences they’ve had with Fast ForWord, a practical educational neuroscience program. They range from a parent managing one student at home, to a small school in rural New South Wales that implemented a whole school program, to a public school in New Zealand.

Three very different situations, but very real results with real people. And, some really interesting feedback from parents, teachers, students, and principals.

You may have heard of Fast ForWord, but don’t really know too much about it. And it’s hard to know exactly what to make of something like Fast ForWord, even if you’ve read about the science behind it, and maybe read a few reviews.

Or perhaps you are familiar with it but are wondering if it's going to work for you.

Listen to this podcast mini series to understand a lot more about the practical application of the neuroscience for your students or child.

Hear the teachers and parent talk about how Fast ForWord helped young people with not only academic achievement, but also with their general demeanour, behaviour and overall approach to school. They also comment on the students' improved articulation and sequencing of ideas, better concentration, and greater retention of concepts.

Can a focus on brain training really work?  Can you really strengthen neural pathways to build a stronger brain with a better learning capacity? What if this could improve results across all subject areas? The sciences, the humanities, the arts…....all subjects, even maths?

These teacher and parent stories will bring you authentic experiences, and you will hear what a difference they have been able to make in the lives of the learners, and the people who help them  -  teachers, parents or caregivers. 

You don’t have to listen to all three stories at once. The mini-series is structured so you could listen, perhaps, to one a day on your way to work, or on your morning walk. Whatever works for you.

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