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Scientific Learning Corporation, developers of the Fast ForWord programs has been awarded another patent. This takes the total patents to more than 80 for their neuroscience based programs which have been used by over 2 million students around the world.

This latest patent adds further recognition to the 18-year history of invention and innovation by the scientists at Scientific Learning Corporation.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded the new patent for a unique method to help students develop higher order thinking skills and a novel method for building vocabulary knowledge through the use of analogies.

This unique method is part of Gator Jam, one of five exercises in the Fast ForWord Reading Level 5 program. Part of the Fast ForWord Reading Development Series, Reading Level 5 focuses on building literacy skills for secondary school students, and higher level reading and thinking skills that students need to succeed in tertiary education.


Within the Gator Jam exercise, students learn targeted vocabulary in the context of analogies, while also learning to analyse analogies and identify the semantic relationships they convey. In addition, the exercise incorporates Latin and Greek roots, suffixes and prefixes across the analogies. This helps students build a deep understanding of a word's meaning across different contexts and uses, as they sharpen their reasoning skills.

All students can gain increased learning capacity and literacy skills from the patented features of the Fast ForWord programs.

Robert C. Bowen, CEO of Scientific Learning stated, "Our portfolio of more than 80 patents is unique in the educational technology field. These patents reflect the intersection of educational best practices with novel instructional approaches emerging from research in neuroscience, human cognition, and technology."

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