Passionate Teacher Brings Fast ForWord Benefits to Her Community

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NicolaGlewNicola Glew was a teacher in Sydney when she saw how the Fast ForWord brain training programs changed the learning capacity of her students.

So last year when she returned to her home town in New Zealand, she established her own learning centre, Fast Learning NZ, to provide local students with the benefits of the neuroscience programs.

Nicola had always been a teacher, and had never run a business before, much less her own business. So she sought advice from LearnFast, the distributor of Fast ForWord (brain training for students) and Reading Assistant, (an online reading coach) that provides non-judgmental feedback to readers. She already knew the educational value of neuroscience programs and was determined to make them available to as many students as she could.

Nicola says, "The value of the support I have had from Learn Fast is impossible to overstate".

Here is how Nicola explains it:  

"I had little understanding about how to run a business and without the ongoing help on multiple levels from David, Kerrie and Julie at LearnFast I know I would have given up. 

Kerrie has promptly responded to my myriad of product related questions with clarity and useful information, some of which she has created specifically for my company.

Julie has answered the financial queries quickly and simply.

David has invested his time, energy and expertise into ongoing Skype mentoring sessions that have formed the basis of much of my thinking, planning and marketing. The depth of his knowledge and understanding of running a profitable and ethical business, mixed with a significant awareness of the way psychology applies to business, means I have grown in confidence as a business owner.

He is willing to ask the hard questions and leave space for me to ponder the answer, while lightening up with that understated Aussie humour we all love.

LearnFast’s willingness to work with my dream of bringing the Fast ForWord programs to the ends of the earth (Invercargill, NZ) is so appreciated."

Watch Nicola talk about her learning business.


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