Use it or Lose it? – Why the benefits of Fast ForWord are long lasting

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Does a child need to keep doing Fast ForWord exercises to continue to get the benefit of the brain training?

No, children don’t have to keep doing the exercises to maintain their improvements in learning reading and self confidence. The benefits of Fast ForWord are long lasting after the exercises are completed.

Research, and reports, from parents and teachers of children who have completed the Fast ForWord program, confirm that the gains made from the exercises are permanent.

Children typically complete the Fast ForWord programs appropriate for their age and development in 3 – 5 months. During this time they work on exercises that strengthen the cognitive and language skills that are essential for learning and reading.

The benefits from Fast ForWord

Fast_ForWordOnce students complete the Fast ForWord exercises, they, their parents and their teachers will notice improvements in many areas including:

  • Their memory
  • Their ability to focus and pay attention to tasks in the classroom and at home, especially tasks that require them to listen to instructions
  • Improved ability to follow directions and instructions
  • The use of language
  • Better reading skills and more enthusiasm for reading
  • Fewer behavioural problems
  • Improved self esteem and confidence

Gains are permanent

The pathways strengthened by the neuroscience based exercises are maintained and strengthened by daily use, after Fast ForWord is completed The old saying ‘use it or lose it’ is very true.

When we say "use it or lose it", it refers to the child’s brain - more specifically the neural pathways in the brain that have been strengthened/developed by the Fast ForWord exercises.

Fast ForWord builds new brain pathways and strengthens existing ones (these are the neural connections for the key cognitive and language skills that are essential for successful learning and reading). Once these have been developed they will be maintained if they are used.

So when a child finishes their Fast ForWord program, the changes that have been made in their brain, and the functional skills resulting from those changes (such as improved attention, memory, language and reading etc) will not be lost if the child exercises those pathways in their daily life.

Because children are learning, attending school, interacting with others and using language throughout the day, they certainly "use it”. This is why the benefits form Fast ForWord are lasting.

Download a Scientific Learning 5 Year Longitudinal Study & The Schultz Centre for Teaching & Leadership Fast ForWord Longitudinal Impact Study.