How do I know my child will benefit?  Whether you are reassured by university research, studies in schools and learning centres, or by what other parents say about their children’s improvement, there is ample evidence of the results from the LearnFast programs.

What Parents SayProven Results

Here two parents describe the results

“He read to me tonight and I told him what a pleasure it is to hear him reading aloud with confidence. Fast ForWord has been the help I have been searching for, for fourteen years now. This term, Tim is achieving over 80% in school tests! I recommend this program to everyone I talk to”.
Sue, Mum and Part-time Teacher

“I wanted to send you feedback on the results for our son, after working on your programs for 3 months. Thank you for your support and such amazing results. Our son has shown improvements in so many areas, most importantly, focus and attention. This has impacted his achievements across the board at school and this has increased his confidence and willingness to be involved in his education.”
Mary, Mum from Melbourne

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Studies on over 73,000 children

The improvements in children from as little as 3 months use of the LearnFast programs have been proven by more than 250 studies.

These studies show gains in:

  • Reading
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Thinking speed
  • English language
  • Confidence
  • Social behaviour

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University Research

Researchers in universities have studied the effects of the LearnFast brain training programs. Positive physical changes in childrens’ brains have been seen on brain scans, done before and after use of the programs.

Here is the scientific paper of one of the brain scan studies, done at Stanford University, USA – Temple, E., Deutsch, G. K., Poldrack, R. A., Miller, S.L., Tallal, P., Merzenich, M. M., & Gabrieli, J. D. E. (2003). Neural deficits in children with dyslexia ameliorated by behavioural remediation: Evidence from functional MRI. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 100(5), 2860-2865.

Brain Comparison

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