Terms & Conditions for using Programs supplied by LearnFast

All references to The Client include the participant(s), or participant’s parent(s) or guardian(s).

All references to The Program include any combinations of the products distributed by LearnFast as per the website.

    1. The Client acknowledges that LearnFast uses external support specialists and hence may share your contact details and any relevant information as a part of the Program support.
    2. NB. The support specialist will not provide subject coaching nor help with homework.
    3. The Client agrees they are satisfied their expectations of outcomes from doing the Program takes into account the constraints that impact the effectiveness of the Program (point 17).
    4. The initial up to 30-minute orientation consultation will take place approximately 1 week after commencement of the program. A mutually suitable time will be arranged via email between the customer and the support specialist.
    5. The weekly or monthly personalised support sessions of up to 15 minutes each will be scheduled in advance, at mutually suitable times.
      If you are unavailable when your support specialist calls you at your scheduled time a program progression email will be sent instead.
    6. The subscription is for continuous months usage and may not be paused during the subscription period, unless agreed by LearnFast and confirmed by email. The best benefits from the program come from consistency of use. Additionally, LearnFast incurs costs for any extension and hence there will be a cost passed to the Client for any agreed Pause that involves extending the end date.
    7. Additional monthly subscription usage is subject to advice from your support specialist that the Client would be likely to benefit from more time on the Program and is subject to further payment (as agreed from time to time).
    8. For the best possible outcome the Client agrees to use the Program in accordance with the protocols advised by LearnFast. Additionally, for parent(s) or guardian(s) working with children, you are responsible for ensuring compliance and that all exercises presented each day are completed.
    9. While there is much scientifically based evidence for the effectiveness of the Programs, LearnFast does not warrant any particular outcome or result, as individual brains differ. Please see point 17 – Considerations that may impact the effectiveness of the Programs.
    10. LearnFast will provide technical support relating to the Programs, but will not be responsible for the compatibility or performance of the Client’s computer, Internet and communication technology.
    11. The Client agrees not to copy, rent, lease, lend, licence, sub-licence, sell, export, assign, transfer or in any other way disseminate, reverse engineer, decompile, or create derivative works or adaptations of the Programs.
    12. We will fully refund your money if you are not satisfied after using the Program for 2 weeks conditional that you must have complied with the recommended participation (5 days per week, for 2 weeks, from your start date).
    13. LearnFast will not make any refund of any part of the payment received for the Program - after the initial 14-day period - except if the Client is prevented from doing the exercises for an extended period due to a technical fault in the software of the Program.
    14. The amount of any refund will be at the sole discretion of LearnFast and an administration fee may be deducted.
    15. An alternative technology based educational program may be offered in lieu of a refund.
    16. The chosen package must be commenced within two weeks of purchase unless otherwise agreed by LearnFast (with email confirmation).
    17. Considerations that may impact the effectiveness of the Program:
      • Internet connectivity and stability – The Client must have a reliable internet connection.
      • Ability to use a mouse or iPad – The Client must be capable of using the mouse or their iPad to interact with the Program
      • Autism – depending where The Client is on the spectrum, progress may be slow or limited
      • Cerebral Palsy – progress may be limited or slow due to physical restraints
      • Colour Blindness – Several exercises rely on colour differentiation
      • Developmental delay or intellectual impairment – progress may be limited or slow
      • Down Syndrome – progress may be limited or slow
      • Dyspraxia – the Program will not help with the motor planning of Dyspraxia but may be of use in addressing language development
      • Hearing impairment – some users with hearing impairment may need a FM loop as Fast ForWord requires The Client to be able to hear auditory stimuli
      • Sight impairment – the Program relies on viewing a computer screen.

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