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LearnFast Helps Australian & New Zealand Schools Implement Leading Evidence-Based Programs


How to best improve student outcomes and school reputation for learning excellence?

Since the late 1990’s, LearnFast Group has reviewed the research behind products and sourced world leading programs for schools that build learning capacity and develop reading fluency and comprehension. This gives schools access to a variety of the world’s most researched and proven computer delivered tools for student development: 

  1. Fast ForWord Language & Cognitive Enhancement
  2. Fast ForWord Reading Development
  3. Fast ForWord Reading Readiness
  4. Reading Assistant Plus (RA+) - Guided Online Reading Aloud
  5. Build English Fast


Fast ForWord Language & Cognitive Enhancement

The Fast ForWord Language & Cognitive Enhancement programs accelerate learning and reading and are based on over 30 years of neuroscience research.

Fast ForWord builds brain fitness through individualised adaptive computer exercises that develop the memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills necessary for reading and learning. It is an effective tool for students aged from 7yo who are struggling with learning difficulties as well as gifted students who want better learning outcomes.

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Fast ForWord Reading Development

The Fast ForWord Reading Development programs provide a sequenced learning environment that advances the key cognitive skills required to become a fluent reader.

These reading software programs are used following the Fast ForWord language & cognitive enhancement programs, or as separate classroom resources. They are suitable for a wide range of skills and ages from 7yo to adult. 

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Fast ForWord
Reading Readiness

Fast ForWord Reading Readiness helps young children develop critical language and cognitive skills to prepare them for early learning.

Fast ForWord Reading Readiness develops memory, attention, processing and sequencing, or Learning MAPS, which are critically important prerequisites for successful reading. It is suitable for pre-readers from the age of 4yo. 

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Reading Assistant Plus (RA+)
Online Guided Reading

Reading Assistant Plus (RA+) builds students’ brain fitness with intensive reading practice using speech verification technology to act as a tutor, providing one-on-one guided oral reading support.

Reading Assistant Plus (RA+) is the only reading aloud program that ‘listens’ to students as they read out loud, intervenes when the student falters and automatically scores students’ oral reading. It is suitable for students reading a minimum of 25 words per minute up to adults. 

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Build English Fast

Students with limited or no English speaker proficiency need instruction in recognising and distinguishing the sounds of English as compared or contrasted with sounds in their native language.

The Build English Fast program builds oral proficiency in English (including oral vocabulary, grammar, and listening comprehension) which are critical for English Language Learners to develop reading comprehension proficiency. It is suitable for ages 7yo to adult. 

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