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Accelerate Learning

Fast ForWord Language & Cognitive Enhancement


The Fast ForWord language & cognitive enhancement programs accelerate learning and reading and are based on over 30 years of neuroscience research.

Fast ForWord is an effective tool for students struggling with learning difficulties to mid level and gifted students who want better learning outcomes.

Fast Forword helps:

  • Auditory processing and language processing disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Working memory weakness
  • English as a Second Language
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Struggling readers
  • Lower school performance than their potential


Just as a body runs better and quicker when fit, brains learn better after consistent development with the Fast ForWord brain learning exercises. The key is processing efficiency, and students around the globe are using the Fast ForWord educational software programs to develop the cognitive skills that enhance learning, leading to greater academic success.




Progress and Error Reports

See your students’ progress and achievements – anytime

Teachers have access to a powerful online data analysis and reporting tool in the Fast Forword and Reading assistant programs. It enables you to monitor individual and class performance for all your students working with the LearnFast programs. It provides clear, action-orientated information in specific language, reading and cognitive areas.

Individual Student Reports

These reports show daily and weekly gains in each exercise, overall completion, and alert flags
to let you know that the student needs additional instruction in an exercise.




Error Reports  

Error Reports are available for many of the exercises.  This information
allows you to tailor your intervention and support strategies to each
student’s particular needs.

Error report.png


Group Reports

 Group reports show at a glance, for each student, the number of days used, their completion status and their progress in each exercise.


Daily Usage Records

Contain information about which exercises the student worked on, the time spent and the trials completed.

Daily usage record 2.png
Daily usage record 3.png



Reading Progress Indicator

You can assess the 4 core reading skills for your whole class in just 30 minutes

While many schools invest in technology to improve students’ readings skills, few have the tools to quickly and easily assess students throughout the school year to accurately gauge their progress.

To help schools better evaluate student gains, Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) is a web enabled, computerized tool for rapidly evaluating the effects of the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs on groups of students. It can also be used as a tool to benchmark students’ reading skills.

With Reading Progress Indicator you gain the ability to:

  • Quickly assess your students’ four key skill areas:
    • Phonological Awareness
    • Decoding
    • Vocabulary
    • Comprehension
  • Automatically Score Assessments and report results to parents and teachers
  • Assess Accurate Progress Information that correlates to nationally recognised, normed assessments – including the Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement, Third Edition
  • More precisely assess student performance with shorter, more frequent assessments
  • Increase teacher and student success
  • Give teachers the insights they need to teach better
  • Improve Results.

It takes just 20-40 minutes to test your whole class, grade or school and includes detailed reports.



So much to gain with Reading Progress Indicator

  • Ease-of-use with computerised and automated scoring
  • Complete range with four grade level assessments covering K to 12.




We offer you and your school intensive support throughout your initial term to ensure you are able to implement the program and interpret student data successfully. You also have access to our 24/7 online support resources.




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