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Auditory Processing Disorder (3)

How strong is the link between Auditory Processing Disorder & Dyslexia?

Parents of children with dyslexia can be overwhelmed by conflicting advice about how best to help their children.

Often well meaning friends and others professing to have a “cure” for dyslexia can confuse parents anxious about their child’s inability to read as well as other children of the same age.

Fortunately there is a lot of well conducted science now available to inform us about how to improve the learning outcomes for those with dyslexia. The scientific research is clearly indicating that there is a strong link between many children’s poor auditory processing skills and their struggles with reading, including dyslexia.

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Could Auditory Processing Disorder be the Reason your Child is Struggling to Read?

Is your child having difficultly learning to read? Is he or she reluctant to read?   There are a number of reasons why some children struggle with reading, even with the best teachers and diligent, encouraging parents.

Maybe you have had his, or her, eyesight checked. No problem there. (Of course children with poor sight, or other visual problems like inability to track their eyes from left to right across a page will not find it easy to learn to read. And you need to have any visual problems treated as a very first step to help them).

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